Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Level 26

Level 26

Reviewed By: Bonnie R.
By:Anthony E. Zuiker
Rating: It was amazing!

The most fascinating and intriguing book I ever read! I am so glad I found a copy of this book at a Dollar Tree store. It is an unusual book that you do not just read but you get to interact with the book. It takes this book to a whole different level which is so smart to do. I do not recommend this book however just to anyone. It's about a serial murderer and sadist that many would definitely find disturbing. It is written with great and amazing detail but the most fantastic part in the entire series (which unfortunately I have not read or found) is that the readers get to go online and actually see the characters and interact with them. It's like I was actually there and trying to discover this mysterious case with the other detectives. Another engaging aspect is that the killer can actually call your phone and taunt you. I got chills when I heard that creepy voice. I loved this book!

I would recommend this to: Adults only without a weak stomach

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