Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Ghost and the Graveyard

The Ghost and the Graveyard

Reviewed By: Perla A.
By: Genevieve Jack
Rating: It was amazing!

Grateful Knight has moved into a rent-free house at the edge of a cemetery to get away from an ex boyfriend who pretty much used her to get money. Now she finds herself attracted to the caretaker of the cemetery and it seems supernatural, the types feelings that she has for this man. He then warns her that he thinks that her house is haunted. He is right because Grateful starts seeing a ghost, well before she starts to see that thing are moving on their own. The ghost begins to interact her and he falls for her as well and well Grateful can't deny that she feels something for him as well. Now she must choose between the ghost or the caretaker. The twist is that Grateful had chosen the caretaker in her past lifetimes. Which has no recollection of.

I would recommend this to: Anyone interested in supernatural situations

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