Thursday, October 23, 2014



Reviewed By: Jennifer L.
By: Marissa Meyer
Rating: Really liked it

This is the second book to Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, and sequel to Cinder. This book was kindok okay. I wouldn't claim it to be the best. The story is a retelling of Red Riding Hood this time, and also different point of views from Cinder after she escapes her prison. Scarlet, our narrator, comes home to find that her granny is missing. Desperate to find her, she pairs up with handsome and wolfish Wolf to find her granny. Not only does Scarlet find herself falling for Wolf, but finds out that her grandma may have been a part of sneaking Cinder away when she was young because Cinder was royalty. What she doesn't know is that Wolf was part of the plan to kidnap her grandma and lure her back to the hideout. Ok...getting too far ahead. I wouldn't want to tell you the whole story, right?

I would recommend this to: Everyone

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