Thursday, October 23, 2014

Night World, No. 2

Night World

Reviewed By: Jennifer L.
By: L.J. Smith
Rating: It was amazing!

I loved this book. Although it wasn't the first book, but reafing these book seperatle didn't make it less awesome. The book has three stories in there. Dark Angel, a story of Gillian Lenox, and how she dies while trying to save someone after hearing a cry for help. Before she can cross to the other side, Angel, her supposedly guardian angel brings her back to life. He will make her every wish come true. But is he really her guardian angel? And at what price? The second story, The Chosen, is about Rashel, a vampire hunter. After seeing her mom and little brother get killed by a vampire when she was younger, Rashel sets out to killnany vampire out there. But when she captures the legendary vampire Quinn, she finds herself unable to kill him after looking into his unbelievably gorgeous eyes. Turns out their soulmates, but can Rashel find it in herself to truly love him and hate him for who he is? The third book, Soulmate, is about Hannah who keeps having these reoccuring dreams of a man. Turns out that her past reincarnation, during the caveman times, fell in love with one of the oldest vampires of all times, Thierry. But she soon dies of circumstances, and is reborn again and agian to meet Thierry. But like all past reincarnations, she dies before she reaches 17. Will she die again, never to live her life out with Thierry, or will she have her happily ever after?

I would recommend this to: Everyone

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