Thursday, October 23, 2014



Reviewed By: Jennifer L.
By: Marissa Meyer
Rating: It was amazing!

This book is a futuristic novel about a half human half cyborg named Cinder, who lives in the New Beijing. She is a mechanic and one day accidently meets Prince Kai. She lives with a stepmom and two stepsisters named Peony and Pearl. Peony is actually kind of nice towards Cinder while the rest of the family treats her like a slave. Peony dies in the beginning of the book due to a disease that is spreading around the world. Like the original fairytale of Cinderella, she goes to the ball to warn Prince Kai of an upcoming danger. But what Cinder doesn't know is thatvshe has secrets of her own that will put herself in dager but only she can save the world.

I would recommend this to: Anybody who loves a twisted fairytales story. This is the book to read. Also, Meyer's Lunar Chronicles is all based on fiarytales..

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