Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Notebook

The Notebook

Reviewed By: Karen F.
By: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: It was amazing!

This book is about two young couples name Allie and Noah. They both were dating until Allie's parents told them to break up because Noah is a poor young man. Then the war came by, Noah was drafted into the war. Later on, Noah built this big house and lots of people wanted to buy his house but he said no because that house was for him and Allie to live in. Aliee finally saw the house and went to his house- they both met each other after all these years. This book is interesting because it is like fate, waiting for your old love to come back to you and that person did. There is a movie about it also and you could watch the movie or read the book too.

I would recommend this to: i would recommend this boo to someone because its really interesting. i enjoyed reading it.

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