Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Split Second

Split Second

Reviewed By: Emily P.
By: Kasie West
Rating: It was amazing!

Addison made her decision, after she finished her search. She ended up having to make the decision that not only suited her best, but also the people around her that she loved. The difficult part is that after she lived through the search, as difficult as it was to experience it the first time, she must experience it again, in reality. Addison plays through the side of the decision she chose and when it is all done, she is reminded of something she loved from the path she did not choose. She is determined to find a way to live the good parts of the decision she never made by putting herself in a position to experience it again. Can she find a way to return to the perks of the other path, or will she be unable? An amazing end to the two book series. I'm sad that there are no more books, but I am excited it ended in a way that I was satisfied with.

I would recommend this to: Teenage girls

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