Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

Reviewed By: Karen F.
By: Diana Lopez
Rating: It was amazing!

This book is about a girl name Erica and is mostly talking about her having alot of feelings, that she needs a mood ring to track her emotions that she's having. She talks about how happy she is when she's hanging out with her friends the Robins. And how she's jealous how her little sister skipped two grades. And she feels passionate about her boyfriend wish list. When she finds out that her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer she feels worried and she said she don't know how to help her mom. And one day her and her family visit this miracle place and she exchanged a promise for her mom's health. And as her mom gets sicker Erica becomes more worried, and she said she still has a little hope and a lot of love and that she believes that her mom is going to get better.

I would recommend this to: i would recommend this book to someone because it's a book that inspires people.

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