Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Kind of Love?: The Diary of a Pregnant Teenager

What Kind of Love?: The Diary of a Pregnant Teenager

Reviewed By: Karen F.
By: Sheila Cole
Rating: It was amazing!

I loved this book, I think it's one of the kinds of books that alot of pregnant teens or teenagers who can relate to about their first time, first kiss, or their experience. But this book was about a 15 year old girl name Valerie who is dating Peter. Peter is 17 and a senior who has good plans to go after high school. His parents are rich and they are looking into sending him to Harvard, Yale and all those big expensive colleges. But when dating, things kind of get out of hand when you two are alone. They had movie nigt alone and when kissing leads to making out, it becomes a new level of intimacy. Valerie was concern about her period and kept thinking about how she will explain everything to Peter. Soon she found out that she is already 4 months pregnant, which led her to shocking news. Her parents was upset and Peter's parents was also upset. They did not let them both see each other while they both sneaked out at night to see one another. It's another love story and they thought they were in love until Peter's father shipped him off to the east coast to Massachusets for school. They lost contact and only sent letters by mail to one another but that took so long. The love and big dreams they had for each other was soon long gone when she found out he was never coming back. She decided to put the baby for adoption because she did not want to ruin Peter's dream and realistically she cannot raise the baby all by herself if the father is not there. It was sad and being heart broken is never a fun idea. But it was for the best of them both. They fell in love and out of love. I really enjoyed reading this book and it was very interesting

I would recommend this to: i would recommend this boo to someone because its really interesting. i enjoyed reading it.

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