Thursday, October 23, 2014



Reviewed By: Perla A.
By: Lauren Oliver
Rating: It was amazing!

Imagine that love was a disease. An actual disease. Well this story is set in the future where love was a bad thing. Boys and girls were segregated and the government would watch your every move. You could not say the word love out loud or not you would get in trouble. You couldn't come in contact with the opposite sex. At the time you turn 18 you must take an evaluation which will determine if you are eligible for the "cure" and to pair you up with your partner. They would look at common interests and income. The story revolves around Lena who is months away from getting the cure, which is basically a brain surgery to get rid of the pleasure releasing hormones in your brain. Lena then begins to feel this warm feeling about a book whom she thought was cured since he had the procedure scar. She then finds out that he is a rebel that doesn't believe in the cure and he too has fallen in love with him. Then the government catches them both together and they try to run for their lives but they catch Lena who is now scheduled for her procedure the next day. Of course here comes her boyfriend to save her. Then they plan to run away into the Wilds, which is the area outside the fenced city where there is no governmental interference and they could love each other freely but things don't turn out as they expected. The ending was so sad, that I have to admit I cried! It's a Must Read book!!

I would recommend this to: Anyone who likes future world stories

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