Thursday, October 23, 2014

Slaves of Socorro

Slaves of Socorro

Reviewed By: Priscila L.
By: John Flanagan
Rating: It was amazing!

The fourth book of the brotherband series Slaves of Socorro by John Flanagan was just as good maybe even better than the first three books. This book really shows how the crew of heron has developed especially under the leadership of Hal. Their trip to Araluen and their subsequent chase to capture the slave ship, teaches the crew some important some important lessons in addition it shows their character as they are willing to lay down their lives for others. The crew of heron has grown significantly. When they first became part of a brotherband they were outcast not confident in themselves. Hal was nominated their leader but he was self conscience when using his authority since then he has grown into his job as skirl and people look up to him. They respect his decisions and are amazed at his ingenuity. Stig has gone from a short tempered boy to a one of the best warriors in the brotherband. The other characters also grew in this fashion. Because of the character development over the first three books it made it easier for the author to have the characters tackle a bigger problem. Tursgard one of their countrymen went rogue and began raiding ships and villages off the coast of Araleua. He took a shipment of slaves to the slave market in socorro. Hal and the crew of heron in addition to Gillan one of the kings rangers pursue Tursgard. wanting to fix the wrongs Tursgard has committed the heron crew sail to Socorro. They risk their lives for others and they couldn't have done it without the teamwork they had developed and the leadership hal provided even to the point of admitting his mistakes when he had done wrong.

I would recommend this to: Everyone

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