Thursday, October 23, 2014



Reviewed By: Perla A.
By: Lauren Oliver
Rating: It was amazing!

In the last book, Delirium, Alex had to stay behind in order to save Lena and Lena knows what they do to people who break the law. They kill them so she is pretty much 100% sure that Alex is dead. During this book Lena has found herself in the Wilds and has now realized what kind of hardships they have to face. Like the problem with finding food and basic survival needs. Then she reenters a wired up city to live with the cured people. She enters like Alex once entered her town, with the fake scar of the procedure. She now lives in New York City and is trying to secretly bring down the government and corporations that advertise love as a bad thing. Here she meets another boy who she knows isn't cured. Her assignment had been to look after him because some people were after him so she was just doing her job when they both get kidnapped together. When the boy finds out that her scar is false he tries to avoid her at all costs but that is kind of hard to do when you're locked with someone in the same room. They begin to fall in love with each other. Then when they get out Lena is arrested and he is taken back to get his procedure and Lena is no going to let someone get hurt because of her so she decides to go after him. With the help of some of her friends she is able to get him out and take him out to the Wilds with her. Now the problem is, Alex has appeared out of nowhere. He hadn't been killed like she had thought he had been and now she finds herself loving two boys at the same time. But Alex isn't the same, they did something to him which changed him. I'm beyond curious to know what happens next! This is my favorite series ever! I just can't get enough of it.

I would recommend this to: Anyone who likes romance

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