Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Reviewed By: Kaohlee M.
By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Rating: It was amazing!

Jay Gatsby is a poor guy who works in the mine. Daisy is a wealthy young lady. Daisy and Gatsby fell in love but daisy's parents does not like Gatsby because he is poor. One day, Daisy and her family move to the city while Gatsby is still staying in the country. Then Gatsby got a letter saying that Daisy is getting married to Tom Thornton. Tom is a very wealthy man also. During their wedding, Daisy got a letter from Gatsby, saying that he is leaving to the war. Daisy threw a fit to go see Gatsby. But her mother would not let her go. After years have pass, her cousin Nick who is a Yale graduate live in the MidWest. He leaves next to Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is now a rich, wealthy man who sell illegaly alcohol. He live in a big mansion and throws big parties. Nick does not know who Jay Gatsby is. Gatsby throws parties to see if anyone knows who is Daisy. On the other hand, Tom and Daisy have one daughter and they also live in a big mansion too. Tom is a cheater because he have a mistress. Then Gatsby have finally met Daisy again after all these years. He tries to make her love him like how she loved him in the past. Then one day, Nick, Gatsby, Tom and Daisy have left to go to the hotel to have a drink since it was hot that day. In the hotel, Gatsby told Tom that he loves Daisy and so does she. Then later at night, Tom's mistress was running in the middle of the street, and Tom run over her with Gatsby's car. He told to his mistress's husband that, that car is Jay Gatsby's car. Then, Gatsby knew what happened, he wanted Daisy to give him a call tommorrow in the afternoon so they could run away. But sadly, Gatsby have got shot by the mistress's husband. Daisy and Gatsby have never got back together after all these years.

I would recommend this to: I recommend this book to people who are in a relationship to not judge how your partner's background is and to keep your love life going.

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