Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches

Reviewed By: Jenny T.
By:Deborah Harkness
Rating:Really liked it

The Discovery of Witches is the first book of the the Discovery of Witches series. Diana Bishop is an Oxford scholar and a witch who has the blood of both a wizard and powerful witch in her. Despite Diana's powerful blood and lineage she has, she avoids using her magical witch powers as much as possible. However, when Diana summons a book that holds the secrets to the creation of all supernatural beings (vampire, witch daemon), all three races pursue her in hopes of getting their hands on the book. I really liked this book and it had some stuff in it that I really wanted a fantasy book to have (vampire and witch relationship) and I liked the way how the author incorporated lots of science and history into it too.

I would recommend this to: People who are interested in "upping" their reading a bit since this book has a lot of vocabulary and scientific terms. But I would totally recommended this to those of you who are looking for a romance, modern book with a twist or a pinch of history and science in it. Also I would recommended this to readers who like to read books that have vampires, demons, or witches in them.

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