Friday, October 17, 2014

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

Reviewed By: Kaohlee M.
By:Nicholas Sparks
Rating: It was amazing!

Landon Carter is a senior in high school, he is a popular guy who hang out with the people who drink and smokes. He was put in probation and was asked to do community services and volunteer in a school play. Jamie Sullivan is also a senior in high school and she is a very bright and smart student. Her father is the owner for the neighbor church. Jamie and Landon went to elementary, middle school, and high school together. Landon and his friends loves to make fun of Jamie because she wear a cardigan and long dresses everyday and they think of her as a old school person. While Landon is still on probation, he went to the school play class and he was chosen to be the main character with Jamie. Landon have ask Jamie to help with him on his lines and practice with each other. Then this one day in school, she said hi to him but he put her down because of his friends were all there. Later on, Landon fell in love with Jamie but Jamie has a problem. Her problem is that, she have leukemia and she does not know what to do. They both were sad. But their love never stopped them, they kept their love going on. They got married and eventually Jamie passed away.

I would recommend this to: To friends and families to this book because it tells you how to learn about others and start loving them.

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