Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Demon Catchers of Milan

The Demon Catchers of Milan

Reviewed By: Avery W.
By:Kat Beyer
Rating:Really liked it

After being possessed by a demon, in order to learn how to protect herself, Mia temporarily leaves her home in New York to learn about her family's history in Italy of catching demons. 'The Demon Catchers of Milan' was certainly an interesting book. The world of the demon-catchers was fascinating and beautiful, as was Milan, the Italian city the story was set in. I can't say much about what happened over the course of the book, but I will say that I enjoyed it the whole time. Well, almost the whole time. I often found myself being annoyed by Mia, the main character. That's OK, though. The rest of the book made up for the slightly irritating things she said and did.

I would recommend this to: Anyone who likes Italy and doesn't get weirded out by demons. Because there are a lot of them. (I mean demons. There's only one Italy.)

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