Friday, October 17, 2014

Shadow of Night

Shadow of Night

Reviewed By: Jenny T.
By:Deborah Harkness
Rating:Really liked it

Shadow of Night is the second book in the Discovery of Witches series by Deborah Harkness. Diana Bishop has uncovered more secrets about herself and now better understands both herself and the reason why all three supernatural species (witches, vampires, daemons) are hot on her tail. In order to understand more of the mysterious book of supernatural creation and her powers, Diana and Matthew travel back to the late 1500s during the Elizabethan era. I really liked this book,and a lot of characters were introduced that I really liked. I do wish however, that in some parts of the book, it would kind of speed up and get to the point a bit.

I would recommend this to: People who have read the first book, The Discovery of Witches and to those who like reading fantasy books.

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