Thursday, October 16, 2014

Let's Get Lost

Let's Get Lost

Reviewed By: Juliette Z.
By:Adi Alsaid
Rating: It was amazing!

One mysterious girl traveling solo on the open road, turns 4 unsuspecting teens lives around, helping them in all the right ways at all the right moments. We know almost nothing about Leila at first, just that she is on a road trip by herself, going to see the Northern Lights. As she travels, she meets 4 different, unforgettable people whom she teaches all different valuable lessons about life and in turn, teach her little lessons as well. The mystery of not knowing Leila's past keeps you turning the pages and you'll gobble it up like a sugary delicacy. This book inspired me in so many ways and i feel like it touches every one of it's readers.

I would recommend this to: anyone 14 and up

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