Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Tale of Time City

A Tale of Time City

Reviewed By: Amanda S.
By: Diana Wynne Jones
Rating:Really liked it

A Tale of Time City is a fantastic, gripping tale of time travel set in London in 1939. the story is brought to you by the same author of Howl’s Moving Castle, Dogsbody, and many other wonderful books; Dianne Wynne Jones. The book begins with young Vivian Smith, who is being separated from her parents and evacuated out of her home town because of the raging war. She is supposed to go live with a relative she has never met, but at the train station she is tricked into following two time travelling boys who believe that she will restore order to their home, Time City, the central of all of, well, time! Poor Vivian must figure out how to fit in in this strange place full of technology and foreign customs while also uncovering a diabolical plot designed to send all of Time spinning into chaos. An absolute must-read for lovers of science fiction and other similar genres.

I would recommend this to: People who like fiction and sic-fi who have enough patience for a good long book

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