Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Child Called It

A Child Called It

Reviewed By: Bonnie R.
By:David Pelzer
Rating: It was amazing!

It's a horrific story about a young boy with a terrible past. Told in his point of view, it is a true story of a child who was the main and only focus to his mother's abuse both physical and mental. It's an outrage to what happens to him as a kid. I can't believe how people especially mothers (those who their own kids suppose to rely on and trust) could do such horrible things to their own flesh and blood. It made me very angry but I still kept reading since it's very engrossing. You want to stop and look away as if you (the reader) is actually witnessing these things going on. I don't want to say what he endured since it's too disgusting and disturbing for readers to read things like that.

I would recommend this to: It's mainly for adults or young adults that do not have a weak stomach.

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