Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bones to Ashes

Bones to Ashes

By: Kathy Reichs
Reviewed by: Kayleigh , 16
Rating: It was amazing!

Temperance Brennan. Forensic anthropologist. Crime solver. Super sleuth. Mom. Sister.

Tempe has many titles to her name, but her job title is forensic anthropologist and her job description consists of examining human remains that are so mutilated they are unidentifiable. In Bones to Ashes she comes across a set of bones that could be those of her childhood friend that went missing years ago. Determined to find out who this Jane Doe is, Tempe gets her friends Detective Andrew Ryan and Sergeant Hyppolyte Gallant to uncover a mystery of several young girls who have gone missing and this Jane Doe could be one of them. Even Tempe’s crazy sister, who becomes a comedic relief, joins in on the hunt. It’s an exciting and most complicated mystery.

A very well put together book that keeps you guessing. Reichs’s style is very descriptive and informal making it an enjoyable read. Her command of imagery is phenomenal; it is like you can actually see these characters’ body language and see the beautiful setting of Montreal. This, perhaps, is the most gripping aspect of her writing – her style. Her addicting storyline and command of imagery kept me from ever putting the book down. I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed this book!

This is the tenth book in the Temperance Brennan series. These books can be read out of order. This book series is the inspiration for the Fox TV series Bones

Recommended to: crime show junkies and readers who enjoy authors with a descriptive style

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