Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ranger's Apprentice (The Early Years) : The Tournament at Gorlan

Ranger's Apprentice (The Early Years): The Tournament at Gorlan

Reviewed By: Amanda S.
By:John Flanagan
Rating: It was amazing!

As an avid reader of the Ranger's Apprentice series, I think I can fairly say that this prequel was just as incredible as the rest of the books. This book is basically Halt's origin story if you will, explaining his introduction to the Rangers and the escapades leading up to it. It's well-written, containing humor and beautifully described action scenes equal in quality to the rest of Flanagan's writings. If you've read all the originals (or even if you haven't), this book is a definite must-read.

I would recommend this to: Anyone

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes: The Cupcake Club #1

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes: The Cupcake Club #1

Reviewed By: Aimee E.
By: Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk
Rating: It was amazing!

Kylie will never survive fourth grade in her new school without friends. And starting a cupcake club seems the perfect way to meet other girls. But getting the club up and running is not easy- especially with trouble spelled M-e-r-e-d-i-t-h trying to ruin them. In taking on the class mean girl, Kylie and her new friends may have just bitten off more than they can chew.

I would recommend this to: Anyone who likes characters who are brave and strong