Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Avalon High

Avalon High

By: Meg Cabot
Reviewed By: Shauna H.
Rating: It was alright...

Avalon High is a modern retelling of the legend of King Arthur, starring Elaine Harrison (or Ellie for short). She is the daughter of two professors who research all things medieval and is forced to move to Annapolis due to her parents' sabbatical. She attends Avalon High, becomes friends with the golden boy of the school (A. William Wagner) after only a few days, and life seems to be going her way. At least, until strange coincidences start occurring.

After reading the summary for this book, I was excited. I mean, a modern retelling of the legend of King Arthur? Count me in! Besides, I had enjoyed the movie a long time ago, and the book is always better. Right? Sadly, not in this case. Nothing really happened until a little over halfway through the book, and there was a lot of unnecessary filler. The book just scratched the surface with the legend of King Arthur, and I was a little disappointed that more of the characters weren't included.

The story had a lot of potential, but for me it just fell flat. Perhaps I was expecting too much fantasy from this book? But it is supposed to be a retelling, so...

This is the first book by Meg Cabot I've read, and it was enjoyable, just not exceptional. I don't think I'll be reading another one of her books any time soon.

Side note: the verses from "The Lady of Shalott" at the beginning of each chapter brought back memories of Anne of Green Gables and made me want to watch the movies again. To be honest, that poem was probably one of my favorite parts of the book.   

I would recommend this to: Teen fans of "Chick Lit."