Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Winter Horses

The Winter Horses

Reviewed By: Avery W.
By: Phillip Kerr
Rating: It was amazing!

Kalinka is a Jewish girl from Ukraine who is trying to flee the Nazis who killed her family. Temujin and Borte are very rare Przewalski's horses, who also must escape the German army or be killed. Together, horses and girl, along with a loyal wolfhound, must cross the harsh Ukranian steppes to safety before they are caught by the Nazis. "The Winter Horses" combines World War II and horses, two things I find very interesting. The story was really fascinating. I found on multiple occasions that I couldn't put the book down. My only complaint is that the Przewalski's horses seemed far too intelligent than would be considered normal for any horse, even this amazingly cunning breed. I was very skeptical about what these horses could accomplish at times. The supreme storytelling in the other areas of the book did make up for this, though, along the fact that two things I really like reading about were both featured equally in this book. In my opinion this definitely a recommended read.

I would recommend this to: People who like WWII historical fiction and/or horses.

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