Monday, August 25, 2014

Light Beneath Ferns

Light Beneath Ferns

Reviewed By: Avery W.
By: Anne Spollen
Rating: It was amazing!

Elizah has recently moved to upstate New York and just wants to be alone. That is, until she meets the mysterious Nathaniel in the graveyard her mother Part of the reason why I thought this book was so good was that I could very easily relate to and empathize with the main character. She is very unlike most other female main characters, which she even states in the very first part of the book. I have never come across a female character quite like Elizah. Overall, I found the story's being told from her uncommon view of life to be very refreshing. The other part of why I enjoyed this book is that I just like books that are about ghosts. Anne Spollen did an excellent job of blending reality with darker supernatural aspects, and in doing so, made her book unforgettable in my eyes. All in all, I would gladly recommend this book to someone, just as long as they don't need something to be lighthearted in order to enjoy it.

I would recommend this to: Fans of ghosts and the supernatural.

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