Monday, August 25, 2014

Miki Falls Series: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Miki Falls Series: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Reviewed By:Trina N.
By: Mark Crilley
Rating: Really liked it

There are four books in the series: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each book takes place of each season so the whole story pretty much lasts a year. Miki Yoshida lives in Fukuyama, Japan. She is starting to take her senior year of high school. She is determined to make it her best year yet. As the school year starts, a new boy comes to the school. His name is Hiro Sakurai. He is a mysterious guy and Miki tries everything she can to be friends with him. Hiro unfortunately cuts everyone off and wants to be alone. Miki becomes more curious about him. She follows him around and becomes even more curious. She then discovers that Hiro is a Deliverer. What is a Deliverer? Well you are going to have to read the series to find out!

I would recommend this to: Preteens or teens who like manga, Japan, and/or romance.

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