Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: Before I Fall

Before I Fall

Reviewed By: Kate Z.
By: Lauren Oliver
Rating: It was amazing!

This is Lauren Oliver's debut novel and it certainly doesn't disappoint! She shows real potential as she weaves a story about a girl named Sam. Sam is your average popular girl. She and her friends do whatever they want and everyone bows down to them basically. On Cupid Day night, after driving home from a party, they crash and it is uncertain whether Sam is still alive or not. She wakes up the next day except it's actually still Cupid Day. Sam relives that same day for a while, wondering why she has been given this second chance along with the reader. This novel really pulls you in and if you're like me, you probably won't put it down until you're done!

I would recommend this to: Anyone who likes to see people change for the better.

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