Friday, November 13, 2015

MIxed Vegetables Vol. 1

Mixed Vegetables Vol. 1

Reviewed By: Trina N.
By: Ayumi Komura
Rating: It was amazing!

This story revolves around the daughter of a pastry chef and the son of a sushi chef. Hanayu, the daughter of a famous pastry chef, wants to become a sushi chef and Hayato, son of a prestigious sushi chef, wants to become a pastry chef! They both go to the same high school together and Hanayu knows that her parents will be very upset if she reveals that she wants to make sushi instead of bake cakes. However, she thinks that if she marries Hayato, then her parents will understand her decision. What better way to impress someone is with one's cooking skills? I enjoyed this book because while it has its side of romance, there is a lot of comedy. The art style is very typical of a shoujo manga. This manga is also unique because the author discusses food with the story and there are even tips on cooking.

I would recommend this to: Anyone over 13

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