Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Little Peach

Little Peach

Reviewed By: Sarah M.
By: Peggy Kern
Rating: Didn't like it

I didn't like the book, because "Little Peach" Is based off child prostitution and that is reality. That is something that has happened and it's still happening right now. However, the writing was good, but the story went to fast. That was a problem, but I'm kind of thankful, because the book is depressing and doesn't really end all puppies and rainbows...I liked that this book spreads awareness though. I'm glad t here's people who put it out there. It's awful that it happens, but now that we know..We should try our best to prevent it? It is wrong. These things are done without consent and if there is consent it is usually for the lack of knowledge on what foolish acts they're about to commit. "Little Peach" by Peggy Kern is no happy book. It starts off depressing and ends in a way that just makes you worry. I will admit I only requested this book solely because it had a bad review and I wanted to see if the person who wrote the review was sane or crazy and now I have a conclusion. The story itself isn't bad. It's the harsh reality that comes from it.

I would recommend this to: The oblivious.

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