Monday, November 16, 2015

A Song for Ella Grey

A Song for Ella Grey

Reviewed By: Sarah M.
By: David Almond
Rating: It was alright...

'A Song For Ella Grey' by David Almond is a work that's based off Orpheus, a myth about a talented male who lost his love to Death, but got a chance to get her back and failed. The story is told in first person by a Hippie named Claire. She's hopelessly in love with her friend Ella who seemed to love her back, but ends up being torn away from her by Orpheus. Unfortunately she can't do a thing, because Ella obligates her to not. This story is depressing and somewhat nostalgic and has left me in a state of melancholy. I saw potential in this story, but it took a disappointing turn. 'A Song For Ella Grey' shows just how much pain people in love are willing to go through for those whom they love.

I would recommend this to: People who are not thinking about consequences.

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