Monday, July 6, 2015

The Elite

The Elite

Reviewed By: Magali J.
By: Kiera Cass
Rating: It was amazing!

I read This book in one sitting. If you loved the hunger games but not the blood and gore this is the book for (still, if you liked the hunger games you will like this one too). The elite takes place after the events of The Selection. There are only six girls remaining. Each trying to win the Heart, or crown, Of Prince Maxon. America Singer has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. But,does she love Prince Maxon and is she willing to take on the role as future queen. Or Does she want Aspen, her first love? The Elite delivers romance, adventure, intrigue, and a captivating love triangle that will keep you up all night.

I would recommend this to: Teens/YA, Dystopian fans

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