Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Man Named Dave

A Man Named Dave

Reviewed By: Paul C.
By: Devid Pelzer
Rating: It was amazing!

This book was about a kid living the most horible life. Dave's mother was horrible to him. His mother would beat him for no reason, she would blame everything on him even if he didn't do anything. Everytime Dave went to school, the nurse would check his whole body to make sure he was okay. But, one day when Dave went to school the nurse knew exactly what his mother did to him. Dave just didn't want to confess, because he knew his mother would find out, and she would hurt him really bad. So Dave made the nurse promise not to tell anybody. Later that day the nurse called the police and Dave's mother went to jail. Dave lived with a better family for the rest of childhood until he enrolled into the U.S Air Force. Dave Started to live on his own. He proved his mother wrong, he proved that he could make it through life.

I would recommend this to: Kids who think they have bad parents

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