Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: Extras


Reviewed by: Juliette Z.
By: Scott Westerfeld
Rating: Really Liked It

In the conclusion book of the Uglies series, we get to see the world from the point of view of Aya. She is a fifteen year old living in the world "After Tally" and the mind rain. The government is a system of ranking. Everybody has a feed starting at a very young age and depending on their popularity and how popular their feed is, they are ranked. The higher ranked people get more privileges and nicer things than the lower ranked. Aya is ranked in the 400,000's and is considered an extra. Her older brother Hiro is a "kicker" and among the top 1,000. One night, Aya follows a girl after a party and meets the mysterious Sly Girls. They are legendary and Aya knows she has found the story that will make her famous. The only problem is the Sly Girls don't like to be popular, so to become accepted by the girls, Aya must first disappear. As her rank drops lower and lower Aya begins you don't need a high rank to be happy. In fact, she feels more free now. Will she be loyal to the girls, the only true friends she's ever had? Or will she take the chance and use their story to become famous, but betray the girls in the process? Oh yeah, and Tally Youngblood might get involved... ;)

I recommend you read the first 3 books in the series before tackling this one.

Here are the books in order:
1) Uglies
2) Pretties
3) Specials
4) Extras

Happy Reading!!!

I would recommend this to: Anyone 12 and up

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