Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: The Midnight Dress

The Midnight Dress

Reviewed By: Avery W.
By: Karen Foxlee
Rating: It was Amazing!

When Rose Lovell and her father first arrive in the Australian beach town called Leonora, she is a bitter, quiet loner. She hasn't ever belonged somplace and she doesn't want to, either. Then she meets Pearl Kelly, a bubbly and sweet girl she can't help but like being around. They form a great friendship. Pearl eventually convinces Rose to sew a dress to wear at the local Harvest Festival, which Rose does with the help of rumored witch Edie Baker. It's a beautiful dress, midnight blue with antique glass beads. But then, on the night of the Harvest Festival, everything goes completely wrong. One of the girls goes missing, and life in Leonora will be changed forever.

"The Midnight Dress" was gripping to the very end. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down again. It does have some swearing, but the book is definitely worth it. I reccomend it wholeheartedly.

I would recommend this to: Teenage girls

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