Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading 2014: Little Bee

Little Bee

Reviewed by: Marchbaby330
By: Chris Cleave
Rating: It was Amazing!

Upon a trip to Nigeria Sarah O'Rourke, editor of a posh British women's magazine, and her husband come in contact with a teenager, Little Bee, escaping the destruction and pillage of her village. Sarah and her husband, knew nothing of the on going problems in Nigeria and become confronted with a choice: Save the girls at great personal cost or ignore them.
Little Bee gets taken to a detention center in which she plots various ways to commit suicide in case "the men" come for her.The novel flashes in between Sarah and her husband's lives. After some time, Sarah's husband falls into depression after their crisis on the Nigerian beach and commits suicide. Sarah is left to take care of their 3 year-old son on her own, and also Little Bee who appeared at her door after escaping the detention center. This novel emphasis the impact the women had on each other's lives and the way they continue to live it

I would recommend this to: Anyone!

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