Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Happened to Goodbye
Reviewed by: Juliette Z.
By: Sarah Dessen
Rating: Really liked it

Mclean Sweet has lived in 4 towns during the course of 2 years after her parents' divorce. In every town she's pretended to be a different person with a different name and when she and her dad find themselves in yet another town, she has a plan to be another person with another name; until she meets Dave. Unintentionally, she finds herself being well.... herself. At first, it's hard because she's forgotten who she really is, but as she settles into her new life, she learns about who she's become and who she wants to be. Sarah Dessen has perfectly portrayed the confusion of finding out who you really are and readers will find themselves absorbed in Mclean's life: laughing, learning, and discovering who they are right beside her.

I would recommend this to: Any teenage girl of the ages 13-18 who doesn't know who they are or has parents who have gotten divorced.

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