Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Treachery of Beautiful Things
Reviewed by: Jackie C.
By: Ruth Francis Long
Rating: It was amazing!

If you lost a sibling to a forest, you'd want to save him/her wouldn't you?? Well, that happens to Jenny... her brother, Tom, was taken. After seven hard years of being called crazy and never having been able to get over her fear of trees, Jenny finds her courage to find her brother, running into the forest. Once there, she befriends a Kobold named Jack.... Jack O' The Forest. Finding her brother is the least of her problems when our fairy tales become a reality.... and in this reality, beautiful things can be treacherous. This was an awesome book! So buy worthy! Ruth catches you by the short hair and takes you on an adventure that you will never forget!
I would recommend this to: 13 and up

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