Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bible (Teen Read Week 2013)

Reviewed by: Eliza S.
By: God
Rating: It was amazing!

This book has everything you need to know for your christian walk through life. It's divided into two main sections, The Old testament and the New Testament. It's also divide into 66 books. The Bible could fit into many different genres. Action, adventure, romance, history and poetry. It also includes rules to follow, wise sayings, prophecies and fulfilled prophecies. one of my favorite stories is about Queen Esther. Esther is a commonplace young, Jewish women who is ordered along with a bunch of other women to come to the king's palace and go through several months of beauty treatment. After the beauty treatments are completed the king meets Esther and she becomes his queen! Read the book of Esther in the Bible to find out what she does to save all the Jews from an evil man. My brothers like Judges best because of all the action and violence. In the New Testament you can read about how Jesus died on a cross to take away our sins and after three days rose from the grave. This is a book everybody should read. Though some parts may need to be edited for younger children. At least until they're a little bit older.

I would recommend this to: Everybody.  It's a big book though and usually takes around a year for a teenager to adult to read it.

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