Monday, May 21, 2012


By: Brandon Mull
Reviewed by: JNoto, 14
Rating: It was amazing!

Thirteen year old Kendra and her eleven year old brother Seth are dropped off at their Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson’s place while their parents are on a trip. They meet the groundskeeper, Dale, and the housekeeper, Lena. They also learn that Grandma Sorenson is missing. What they don’t know is that Fablehaven is actually a preserve for magical beings and Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson are the caretakers. Kendra and Seth suddenly find themselves faced with overthrowing a witch and powerful demon, guarding the preserve from an enemy society, eliminating a disease that turn light creatures into dark creatures, and keeping infamous, evil demons in their dungeon. I really like this book! I think the plot is unique and the writing reels you in upon reading the first sentence.

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