Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Color of Water

The Color of Water
By: James McBride
Reviewed by: Karthik, 15
Rating: Really liked it

The Color of water is a book about the relationship between James McBride and his family, especially his mother. This book is non-fiction, but parts of it can seems almost surreal when read. While James is black his mother is white. His mother's story alone is quite amazing and can inspire deep feeling and keep you up late at night. This book explores many controversial ideas including but not limited too racism, sexism, class ism, and social status ism. Readers able to comprehend and understand these concepts will be able to relate to them better however this book is readable by all teen and up age groups. ( Note: Vulgar Language and the use of teh above mentioned concepts can be disturbing, reader discretion advised)

Recommeded to: Teens+

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Rachel said...

This book was very insightful. I was impressed with the author's candor as well as his mother's resourcefulness. She had a lot of kids to raise.