Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Reviewed By: Trina N.
Rating: It was amazing!

Trivia Crack is a mobile app game that allows users to compete with friends and people worldwide. The game's questions are based on 6 knowledge categories: Entertainment, Art, History, Science, Geography, and Sports. A player may start a new game and can choose to play against one of their Facebook friends, a friend they have, or they can play against a random opponent. The player starts with 6 empty slots, one to store each of the characters, and an empty 3-slot "crown gauge." The player tries to populate the crown gauge by spinning a wheel and correctly answering the presented question. The player will repeat this as long as he/she answers questions correctly or obtains all 6 characters and wins the game. If the player answers a question incorrectly, their turn is over and control of the game is passed to their opponent. The wheel consists of 7 slots: 6 category slots (one for each knowledge category), and a 7th special "crown" slot. This is a pretty famous app game. Not only is Trivia Crack educational, it is fun. You can get competitive with this game, and even if you lose, you want to keep on trying. The graphics are really nice and colorful. I usually play in English but sometimes I play in Japanese to test myself with my Japanese. Trivia Crack is an addicting game and you can have fun while learning.

I would recommend this to: Anyone, but you have to have some common knowledge

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