Monday, April 29, 2013

Undercover Bridesmaid

Undercover Bridesmaid [DVD]
By: Lageson, Lincoln
Reviewed by: Eliza S., 13
Rating:  Really Liked It

Tanya is a Bodyguard who is great at going undercover and protecting people. But, when she's assigned to go undercover as a bridesmaid at Daisy's wedding, she has a really hard time blending in with the girly bridesmaids. The whole thing brings back painful memories of her own past experience with weddings. All of the guests at the wedding have a motive for sending Daisy the death threats she'd been receiving just weeks before her wedding. Tanya gets distracted by one of the handsome groomsmen, but she's not quite sure she can trust him. This movie is a love story with the perfect amount of humor and action.

I would recommend this to: I think everyone, but girls will probably enjoy it a little bit more than boys.

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