Monday, April 29, 2013

October Baby

October Baby October Baby [DVD]
By: Eric Wilson
Reviewed by: Eliza S., 13
Rating:  It was amazing!

It's opening night for the play starring 19 year-old Hannah Lawson.Only five minutes until the show starts and Professor Watson tells her that there are scouts from New York and L.A. watching her. She's always wanted to be an actress and this is her big chance. Hannah steps out onto the stage in the audience is Jason her friend since she was nine, her parents and hundreds of other people. The bright lights shine on her it's hard to breath in the tight Victorian dress, and it's time for her to say her lines. She gets through the first few lines and then has trouble breathing and collapses to the floor she coughs fighting for air. Her dad jumped on stage to help her as her mom called 911. The last thought Hannah has before she passes out is her and Jason 12 years old holding hands and jumping into clear, blue, water. Why has Jason always been there for her?

Later Hannah finds out that the hip surgeries, asthma, terrible nightmares and her passing out on stage are all related to her traumatized premature birth after a failed abortion attempt. Her parents had adopted her. Why had they never told her?

Hannah sets out on a journey to find her birth mother and find out about other secrets her parents have been hiding from her. Join Hannah in this story of love, faith, forgiveness and self-discovery.

The book and the movie by the name October Baby are both awesome. When I started reading the book, it was almost all I did for three days until I finished it. When I watched the movie I watched it three times in one week. I hope you watch or read this touching story!

I would recommend this to: 13 and up

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