Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Reviewed by: Jerry, 15
Rating: It was amazing!

I must say that the idea behind the movie was truly ingenious. The movie can get confusing at first, but the confusion will clear away as the movie progresses.

The movie focused on people who creates a dream scenario, put people in the dream, and steal ideas from them while they were still in their dream state. But that's not the best part, not only can you steal someone's idea while they are still in their dream state, you can also plant one, which can be very devastating- think of it as creating a person that lived based on a simple idea you told them. The movie is definitely the best of 21 century; it's like introducing Harry Potter in the 80's. Also, the acting is exceptional; Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely someone to look out for, his acting has made the movie seems so real that you unconsciously begin to feel emotional for his role.

Recommended to: Movie lovers

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