Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christy Miller Series Book #1: Summer Promise

Summer Promise

Reviewed By: Kelsey L.
By:Robin Jones Gunn
Rating: It was amazing!

This novel, is truly a magnificent piece of writing. I first found this book when I was in seventh grade and feeling so...out of place. I didn't know where I belonged or who I could be friends with. It was a really tough time for me, socially speaking. So, I found this book, Summer Promise and fell in love with the characters and author. 

It's about this teenage girl named Christy. She's just a small town girl who gets to spend her summer with some relatives in the sunny beaches of California. During her summer, she begins to develop a sense of who she is and what kind of person she wants to become. Along the way, she meets these peers who accept her for who she is and creates these ever lasting friendships. And, of course, an innocent romance is involved. A certain blond headed, surfer boy catches Christy's attention, and the rest is history. 

 This first book takes you on a whirlwind of emotions that will leave you wanting more, to know what happens next. It was an escape from reality I desperately needed. Gave me the guidance in how to deal with certain social situations. It truly has influenced me in every aspect of my life. 

Now, Christianty is a big part of this story. Along with Christy finding her way and accepting who she is, she also develops an everlasting faith in God. But listen, I'm not an avid Christian and frankly not very well-versed in the religion, so I had no idea what I was getting into with this book. But along with Christy, I learned so much about a religion I knew nothing of really. So go in with an open mind and, who knows, maybe you'll learn a few things. I hope this review is useful to any of those who check out this book. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or want to know more. I could talk about this series all day. That's how passionate I am about it. I hope this helps! Enjoy! 


I would recommend this to: Any teenage girl who needs to know she isn't alone.

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