Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Mind

Reviewed By: Melanie W.
By: Alexandra Bracken
Rating: Really liked it

The children of the United States of America have suddenly started dying. Those who did not contracted unusual powers classified as green, blue, yellow, red, and orange. Greens are incredibly smart, they have astounding memories and can solve the most difficult puzzles. Blues can move objects with their minds. Yellows can redirect electricity. Reds can spontaneously start fires. Oranges can affect people's minds. Every child under the age of 18 has been affected and due to their new powers, the children are feared. They have been rounded up and forced into camps that serve to "rehabilitate" the youth. Only these camps can "cure" the young minds. Yet not is all as it seems. The camps are corrupt, the officers abuse their charges, and the government may have had something to do with the unexplained powers in the first place. Ruby has survived thus far by pretending to be something she isn't, hiding in the camps she has learned to deviate suspicions by blending in. However, with the new technology the government has invented, she may not be able to hide much longer and might be exposed for being stronger than she appears. Alexandra Bracken builds a world of chaos with a post-apocalyptic air and real life mentality. It only lacks in use of the children's seemingly supernatural abilities and concentrates on the less honorable aspects of the new America. Her book includes action, excitement, romance, and suspense but requires a lighter mood to keep readers interested all the way to the end of the series

I would recommend this to: Action and romance lovers

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