Monday, June 15, 2015

Even When You Lie to Me

Even When You Lie to Me

Reviewed By: Amanda S.
By: Jessica Alcott
Rating: Hated it!

This was a totally lame book. It was about this senior in high school that is obsessed with her new English teacher and is constantly pining over him. There is almost nothing else in the entire book besides her fantasizing about her teacher and complaining that she is fat (while doing nothing about it to change). It’s completely idiotic. She identifies herself by being fat and has no real personality or dynamic changes. At the end of the book, she ALMOST has sex with her teacher, but he decides it’s wrong and leaves the town within a week. Pure, 100% garbage that I would recommend to no one except maybe people that can somehow identify with the main character

I would recommend this to: No one

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