Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Simple Song

A Simple Song

Reviewed by: Eliza S.

By: Melody Carlson
Rating: Really Liked It

Katrina Yoder tried to hold back tears as she watched her Mammi's casket being lowered into the grave. She cringed as she remembered how hard her daed had worked on building that casket just the day before, and how much pain he had been in because of his back problems. How would her family ever get enough money to pay for the surgery her daed needs?

When her best friend tells her she could win a million dollars in a singing show called American Star she wonders whether or not she should do it. Would she be able to face the busy city as an Amish teenager out in the English world for her first time on her own? And if she goes will her family accept her back, Even though Amish do not permit singing for pleasure?
I really enjoyed this book. The only things that kept me from rating it "It was amazing" was some underage drinking and teen romance other than that it was very good.

I would recommend this to: Anybody! It is perfect for boys and girls!

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