Friday, July 5, 2013

An Old Fashioned Girl

An Old Fashioned Girl

By: Louisa May Alcott
Reviewed by: Eliza S.
Rating: It was amazing!

Please don’t stop reading because “Old Fashioned” is in the title. When I decided to read this book, written by the author of “Little Women”, I was afraid it wouldn’t be interesting enough. After starting to read this book it was a struggle to not stop whatever chores or school I was doing and read it.  Okay, so enough about my experience reading “An Old Fashioned Girl”. I will now outline the story while trying to not give anything away.

Polly Milton, a sweet, simple country girl, goes to the city to visit her rich friend. When Polly arrives at her friend Fanny’s house, she realizes quickly that riches and fancy clothes have nothing to do with happiness. Fanny’s brother, Tom is always getting into trouble and teasing the girls. From eating all the candy they made to wearing Fanny’s clothes and showing her friends.  Poor 7-year-old Maud is already being taught to dress and act like a lady and not as the little girl she is. Mrs. Shaw, Fanny’s mother, is always complaining of her “poor nerves” and Mr. Shaw lacks the affection and respect of his children. Grandma needs someone to tell her childhood stories to. Poor Polly doesn’t know what to do when she is sure Fanny is being untruthful to her parents. After observing all this Polly resolves to do “little things” to help the family. Though Polly doesn’t realize it, these “little things” make big differences.

Six years later, Polly moves to the city where the Shaw's live to earn a living as a music teacher. Polly stands by Fanny as the Shaw's go through a hard time and they comfort each other as they suffer heartache. Louisa May Alcott ends the story very happily, marrying off the main characters.

I enjoyed this book very much and I hope you will read it sometime. 

I would recommend this to: Girls 12 and up, though boys would probably enjoy some of the funny parts

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