Friday, January 18, 2013

Justice: what's the right thing to do?

By: Michael J. Sandel
Reviewed by:  Karthik Ramesh ; 15
Rating:  Really liked it

Evocative, Provocative, eloquent, what do these words have in common? Thats right, they all describe this book. Justice is an in depth look at the world we live in and the ideas that have and will continue to shape it. WARNING You may feel smarter after reading this book, much much smarter. Not only that but you will be infinitely more informed about everything -atarian. I seriously recommend this book to everyone looking for a deep stimulating read. Sandel manages to explain without sounding dry and pompous, yet not so childish that his arguments are dismissed by those better read on social ideas. There are also, in conjunction with this book, video lectures online at Just type in “Michael Sandel: Justice”. 

Recommended to: Everyone.

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